Team Introduction

Professionalism, struggle, focus and innovation

We are a professional team. We have a technical team with more than ten years of development experience. After years of market polishing and baptism, we have accumulated rich technical experience.

We are a struggling team. Our average age is 35 years old, which not only fades the youth and instability, but also has a certain social accumulation. It is the best age for entrepreneurship. We have the spirit of fearing neither hardship nor fatigue, the will to never give up until we reach our goal, and the responsibility and courage to be responsible for the results.

We are a dedicated team. We firmly believe that quality is the only basis for survival in the market. Only by focusing on quality can we create value for customers and achieve win-win results.

We are an innovative team. We focus on providing safe, efficient, energy-saving and convenient use environment for heavy truck customers. We are good at innovation and exploring market demand, and are highly sensitive to the machinery R & D market.